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miércoles, julio 27, 2005

Greetings from the Tórtola (¡por fin!)

Hi everyone
This is Tortola. As you can see I am not a figment of Ave´s imagination. I do exist. Or as they say in shitland, ¨she ain´t crazy.¨

Speaking of shitland, a.k.a jesusland, a.ka. United States, we are eagerly anticipating our departure to Spain. From my brief visit last March, I gather people are happier, saner there...and most importantly, they got over jesus...mmmm...last century. Hehehheheehhe...

Hasta luego


  • I wish you a wonderful time in Spain , and I want to say you Congratulations for you marriage . In addition, I wish you a lot of hapiness in your new life.

    By Anonymous bambola, at 8:04 p. m.  

  • pero que bonitooooooo

    By Anonymous roouus, at 8:43 p. m.  

  • Os esperamos.

    By Anonymous Doghouse Reilly, at 8:51 p. m.  

  • jejejejej... :D

    By Anonymous marca, at 8:59 p. m.  

  • Hello little bird!!!

    We're sooooooooooooooooo happy over here for your news from yankeeland!!!

    :D I'm happy to see that you really exist hahahaha!!

    Now!!! both of you have to come here and... ehm.... XD send us pics from the wedding :P


    By Anonymous El ligre, at 11:03 p. m.  

  • Send us pics from the wedding???
    No way, they should send a piece of the cake, at least.
    No, really, congratulations. I can't begin to imagine what a happy moment this must be to both of you. So, enjoy Spain and enjoy your wedding, I'm sure it'll be an amazing moment you'll never be able to forget. And... well, be happy ever after, as they say.

    By Blogger fridwulfa, at 11:20 p. m.  

  • Ou yeah!!!

    kisses for you beautiful tórtola!!!

    Felicidades again!!!


    By Blogger Bellota, at 12:30 a. m.  

  • one more thing:

    maybe, ´maybe´, they got OVER jesus...but they didn´t get OVER the Opus, mylady...and they didn´t get OVER the caspa...

    -but I prefer little spain to Jesusland-

    Y tienes al Ave para repartir artes marciales en caso de que la caspa intente acercarse...



    By Blogger Bellota, at 12:33 a. m.  

  • Hi, Tórtola. I´m Bea, the crazy Bea.

    I can´t speak English, but I want say you something:


    Welcome Spain¡¡¡ Don´t worry about spanish people, we love pretty and clever women. And, you are one of them.

    See you in Spain soon.

    ¡¡A blog for the Tórtola, please¡¡

    By Anonymous bea, at 11:32 a. m.  

  • Congratulations, Tortola!!!

    One kiss for you, I'm Reina (The Queen).

    By Blogger reina, at 1:58 p. m.  

  • Dice Tórtola que muchas gracias, se ha reído un montón con los comentarios y dice que para otoño tendrá su bloguita (en inglés, claro) para que podáis dejarle mensajes.... Besos a tod@s.

    By Blogger El Ave, at 6:36 p. m.  

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